UNEP publishes "Marine and Coastal Ecosystems & Human Well-being: Synthesis"

In recognition of the impacts the loss of marine and coastal ecosystems has on human well-being, a synthesis report based on the findings of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA)is produced by UNEP-WCMC and UNEP’s Division of Early Warning and Assessment (DEWA).

Drawing from the MA's 4 main global assessments, conceptual framework report and sub-global assessments, the reports sets out to provide answers to a series of questions that all stakeholders, not just decision-makers, may ask:

  • what is the current status of marine and coastal ecosystems?
  • What are the drivers of change in marine and coastal ecosystems?
  • why should we care if we lose marine and coastal ecosystems?
  • what can be done to ensure that marine and coastal ecosystems and services are conserved?

"The aim of this synthesis report is to contribute to the dissemination of the information contained within the MA to decision-makers and a wide range of stakeholders of marine and coastal ecosystems through seven key messages. In addition it is envisaged the information contained within this synthesis report will contribute to larger international processes such as the Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA), Global Biodiversity Outlook(GBO), the Global Marine Assessment (GMA), Global Environmental Outlook (GEO), the Regional Seas, the CBD and the Ramsar Convention," said Klaus Töpfer, former Executive Director, UNEP.

Financial support for the preparation and publication of this report was provided by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation.

Marine and Coastal Ecosystems & Human Well-being: Synthesis [pdf, 2135 KB]


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