Assessment Peer Review: Second Round

Some 700 authors are finalizing the chapters for the second round of expert and government review of the three global MA reports (Condition and Trends, Scenarios, and Responses). The reports will be available for the second round of review during the week of June 21, 2004. The first round of review concluded in mid-March with more than 6,500 comments submitted by 35 countries and nearly 250 expert reviewers and focal points of the MA Affiliated Scientific Organizations.

The Assessment Review Board, co-chaired by Drs. José Sarukhán (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) and Anne Whyte (Mestor Associates Ltd., Canada), oversees the review process. Some 200 MA authors and Chapter Review Editors active in the MA Working Groups met together in Montreal on April 25–30, 2004 to address the review comments, consider necessary cross-cutting issues, and to work on the second draft reports in light of recommendations from the review process.

The second round of the peer review process offers the most significant opportunity to participate and shape the world's most comprehensive effort to establish our best knowledge of the links between human well-being and ecosystem services. The review is open to any interested individual and the documents will be available through this web site.

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